Monday, April 14, 2014


Every woman loves flowers & loves to get them.

That being said I've never received flowers as often as I get them from Thomas.

Part of the reason I knew he was a keeper; he's never bought me just plain, boring, easy roses.

He buys me flowers just because.

He even brings them to work sometimes ♡

Flowers - A.D.D.

Which leads me to wedding flowers...

Decisions, decisions

Orchids, lilies, & ....

This is why I need a florist's help! I'm so indecisive!

Look up my friend's flower shop!

Silver Mountain Floral Design

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wedding Things

We have an officiant, a photographer, a wedding party, a florist, & we've narrowed our search to 2 venues.

We did 10 hrs of wedding stuff yesterday with a 2 yro in tow!

We were exhausted!

I need to go dress shopping asap. We already know what the groomsman & the bridesmaids are wearing.

If only any of my bridesmaids had the same off days as I do!

We'll have a venue & date by Wednesday & then I can get my invitations ordered & mailied.

I'll be glad when all that's left are the I Do's :)~

I should be cleaning today to make up for yesterday, instead BMad & I are cuddling & watching an Ice Age Marathon ♡

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wedding Planning!

Now I know why people hire wedding planners...

I feel like 2 days a week with a toddler in tow isn't enough time to tour all the venues.
Our original venue ended up not working out. Still have more touring to do (Villa St. Claire & Hummingbird House.

I'm a little obsessed with Hummingbird House.. I couldn't have dreamt up a more perfect setting to marry my best friend.

Although, we're still looking.

It's really neat to see all the pictures in my head coming together to make the big picture.

As stressed out as I am, I'm incredibly giddy & excited. All my dreams are coming true ♡

On a side note: I will have the prettiest flower girl ever! 

Can't wait to see B in her dress!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toddlers Are Gross

You know, other moms warn you about these things...

I have a very well behaved child. She very much has mommy's clean OCD. She doesn't like to be dirty, she doesn't like clutter, & she doesn't like her stuff dirty.

This is why today's events perplex me...

Today was my day off & hubby-to-be let me sleep in (this never! happens), but he came barreling in the bedroom frantic at 1030 this morning saying he "needed my help". Of course, half asleep, this alarms me. I walk into my daughter's bathroom to see her half naked & covered in her own poop. (Insert annoyed face here)

She was in her room playing quietly, as she typically does after breakfast, & pooped in her pull up. Not something that ever really happens. She's really good about telling someone she has to potty. I guess it was uncomfortable so she either took her pullup off & then played in her poop or she dug it out. Either way, there was my toddler covered in poo & it was all in her carpet.

So glad I bought that Rainbow Cleaning System lol

After cleaning her, the bedroom, the bathroom, the tub, vacuuming, & shampooing the carpet in her room I'm still incredibly grossed out & perplexed.

Why would a little girl as dainty & clean as my pretty little girl decide to play in poo?

She's 2.

That's it?! Oy vey. They keep telling me 3 is worse.

Never a dull day in this household lol

Monday, March 24, 2014

More Reasons Why I'm Crazy About This Man

What a week this has been already! Shave down season is only just beginning & my grooming tools are all in desperate need of sharpening. It's been a madhouse at work & I'm beat. On top of all of that it's almost time to move again!

I came home to a spotless house & flowers just because. Also, hubby-to-be is cooking dinner ♡

I really couldn't ask for a better partner :)

I really can't wait to marry him. (So gross w/ all that cheesyness, I know lol)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oral Surgery Adventure

I've spent a week in pretty awful pain. I haven't been able to eat for 4 days. I finally had to call into work because my left eye wouldn't stay open (makes it hard to see where you're scissoring and all).

Thomas has been wonderful. He made my appointment, handled all the insurance stuff, took care of B & kept her occupied, drove me to my appointment, drove me home, picked up my prescriptions, & has been pretty amazing.

It's days like today that really make me grateful that someone this amazing wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Happy & content is a nice place to be :)

Friday, January 31, 2014


Negativity is contagious if you let it be.

I'm really trying to be better about not worrying so much from day to day what other people think. I've been accused of being a bad parent so many times, it's hard to keep count. I find, however, those who pass said judgment know nothing of my daughter or our life. They don't see what a sweet, thoughtful, caring, funny, & brilliant little girl I have. If I've learned anything from being a mommy it's that I don't know anything. You think when they're little you have it figured out. Not even close.

My fiancé and I have made a conscience effort to put our daughter first in everything we do. We have taught her manners & we're doing our best to teach her right from wrong. Even though abusing mommy is very much a form of entertainment for my little girl.

I wish I could be a stay at home mom. I wish I could spend all day with my daughter, but I can't. I've never wanted to have to depend on another human being to help me care for my daughter. Since sperm donor abandoned her, I've spent all this time making sure that if she & I ended up alone that she would never ever go without.

I grew up a poor kid. I had no idea until you get to the age that the kids around you make fun of your clothes & hair. Kids can be brutal. I just hope to give her the tools to be independent & strong. Fearless. I don't want her growing up thinking that she's less of a human being because somehow she was born with the wrong parts. I want her to know she can do anything by herself & she doesn't need to be co-dependent. I want her to know what it's like to be her own person.

I learned the hard way many times. I can't protect her from everything. I know that. I just hope to be the kind of mom she doesn't have to hide from. I don't want her to grow up like I did.

I wasn't raised. I wasn't given the tools to survive in this world. I've pretty much learned everything the hard way. I've made probably a million mistakes. I've hurt people I loved. I've been broken & at rock bottom.

My daughter is my life. I'm trying to live everyday to be the person my kid thinks I am. To be the kind of woman my daughter can be proud of. Everyday holds a new lesson & everyday of the rest of my life I'm going to do my best to be a better person.

Less negativity from those who think they know so well who I am, the life I lead, & the mother I am. I'm going to spend more time coloring, dancing, playing, giggling, hiding in forts, cuddling, & loving every beautiful moment of being a mommy.

You can keep attacking me, but your fight isn't with me. I will not concern myself with your demons.